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Hi, my name is Abdulhakim Dalel and I have lived in this vibrant and dynamic city for 14 years. I call Ward Métis home and where I am committed to making a positive change.

I have vast experience ranging from working in the energy sector to working in private security ensuring the safety of residents in the Ward Métis. I have also volunteered in numerous community initiatives in Ward Métis. I believe in supporting locally whether it’s through volunteering or by buying locally.


  • Growing Our Economy:

    We need to attract & retain businesses that serve our community, invite others also, & provide opportunities for entrepreneurs & local residents alike.

  • Affordable Housing:

    We need to advocate for more low-income housing, and
    Support ending homelessness by providing access to affordable homes for the needy.

  • Better Community Centre:

    Advocate for the Development of a REC centre for our community.
    Support the creation of community hubs that uplift & support the needs of our constituents.

  • Inclusive Emergency:

    We need to approach social circumstances with understanding, care & action, to uplift the vulnerable & the community around them.

  • Safer Transit:

    We need to assure of proactive camera & trouble monitoring system operation in our major Transit Hubs.
    We need to support cooperation & referral coordination between mental health workers with the Transit Peace Officers.

  • Better Snow Removal/Roads and Garbage:

    We need to assure our community is adequately attended to for garbage & snow removal.

Abdulhakim Dalel

Councillor for Ward Métis

City of Edmonton